Books written by Medina

Physical Education takes care of body… and “lies”

capa_educacaofisica_cuida_pPapirus Publishing House, 1983

This is a classic and pioneer thesis about Physical Education, which proposes a critical reflection about the social role of this knowledge area and professional discipline. Launched in 1983, this book became a reference and, still today, its reading is stimulated by a lot of Physical Education teachers in Brazil and all countries around the world where people speaks Portuguese.


Brazilian and his body

capa_brasileiro_e_seu_corpoPapirus Publishing House, 1987

This book is an adaptation of João Paulo Medina’s master thesis (Philosophy Education Course – PUC Campinas) which was oriented by teacher Moacir Gadotti. The foreword was written by the teacher and writer Régis de Morais. This literary work talks about some political, cultural, sociological and philosophical questions related to Brazilian bodies in a social class perspective. The first edition was launched by Papirus publishing house in 1987. In 2008, Medina launched the 10th edition of this book.

Perform the Impossible


Phrases to Stimulate and Inspire Executives and Sportsmen

Gente Publishing House, 1999

This book is a phrases selection to stimulate and inspire executives and sportsmen. The literary work was written based in a lot of interesting and picturesque phrases that Medina collected in all his life. The foreword was written by the teacher and Folha de São Paulo’s columnist José Geraldo Couto. Despite the good reception of readers and all Medina’s care about this literary work, this book had only one edition, which was sold out in 2000.

Physical Education takes care of body… and “lies”


25th Edition – Revised and Amplified

Papirus Publishing House, 2010

This book, revised and amplified, has the participation of teachers Valter Bracht, Rogério dos Anjos e Marcelo Hungaro. They contribute with three articles about different and actualized Physical Education perspectives, which provide new critical reflections about this knowledge area.


Pedagogical Fundamentals – Physical Education 2


Article: “Reflection to a Brazilian Body Policy”, p. 55-61.

This book was published in 1987 and represented a huge contribution to social and human sciences. This literary work invites the readers to do a critical, intense and rigorous reflection about Physical Education in Brazil. Until the 80’s, this knowledge area was grounded (almost in full) on a psychobiological basis. This book was organized by the teacher and social researcher Vitor Marinho de Oliveira, who reunites twenty professionals (between them, 13 physical education teachers, two sociologists, one journalist, one historian, one pedagogue, one doctor and one philosopher). In Oliveira’s words, this literary work has the objective to reunite many thinkers in the several areas of knowledge to contribute to awakening Physical Education of its hibernating sleep.

Physical Education and Sports 21st Century’s Perspectives


Article: “Reflections on the fragmentation of sports’ knowledge”, p.141-158

Papirus Publishing House, 1992

This book was organized by the teacher Wagner Wei Moreira of Campinas’ University (Unicamp), and reunited sixteen professionals who discussed about Sports and Physical Education under the perspective of history, corporeality and motor, sport, recreation and leisure, physical education and vocational training. The structure of this literary work is similar to “Pedagogical Fundamentals- Physical Education” and provides discussions about a lot of different themes related to Physical Education and Sports. In 2008, the publishing house published a 14th edition of this book.

Public Health and Physical Education’s Urgency


Article: “Public Health/Physical Activity: An Exploratory Approach”, p.149-151

Papirus Editora, 1997

This book was produced when Medina was Physical Education teacher at Unicamp University (Campinas, Brazil).

Motrisofia – A Manuel Sérgio’s Tribute


Medina wrote the chapter “Manuel Sergio and soccer”. Manuel Sergio is certified in philosophy, PhD, and assistant teacher in human motor at Lisboa Technical University. He also is president of Piaget Superior Institute of Intercultural and Transdisciplinary Studies, located in Almada, Portugal. He wrote more than 35 books and is a reference and inspiration to a lot of professionals who works with sport activities and physical education (what Manuel Sergio calls Motor Education, like a part of Human Motor). This book, Motrisofia, was organized by the teacher José Antunes de Sousa and has much important participations, like João Batista Freire, Lino Castellani Filho, Juca Kfouri, Laurentino Dias, José Mourinho and others.

Soccer, Psychology and Knowledge Production

capa_psicologiaAtheneu Publishing House, Sports and Exercise’s Psychology Collection

This literary work, which was coordinated by the psychologist Regina Brandão, has a lot of texts for outstanding professionals in the world sports scene. These articles provide reflections about sports psychology, soccer, theory of knowledge, pedagogy, leadership, athlete intelligence and others. The book was the third edition of Sport Psychology and Training Collection. – A new challenge for the intercultural HR’s

capa_expatriados Artes & Ofício Publishing House, 2009

Medina wrote the chapter “New professionals to a new era in the soccer: the issue of expatriation and the dawn of a new science”.